Criminal Defense & DUI

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Criminal Defense
As a legal aid attorney and Assistant Appellate Defender in Chicago, Mr. Wilson represented indigent clients accused of everything from misdemeanors to first degree murder.  While there, Mr. Wilson learned how to analyze all prosecutions with a highly critical eye, even those prosecutions that might seem fairly easy for the State to win.  Mr. Wilson will apply the same scrutiny to your case that resulted in publicized wins for his past clients (see Appeals link at left), and he will always keep you and your family updated as to the status of your case.
Remember, if you are the subject of a criminal investigation, always invoke your right to an attorney whenever anyone, especially the police, attempt to question you.  Other than giving the police your name and I.D. card or driver's license, you are not required to participate in any questioning.  Instead, if somebody attempts to question you, say:  "I want my lawyer."  Then, call Mr. Wilson or ask a friend or family member to call him.  Even if the police hold you for several days or threaten you with additional jail time, you must not say anything until you speak with your attorney!
While not to be taken lightly, a DUI charge should not ruin your life. Michael Wilson will take the steps necessary to protect your rights at every stage of a DUI prosecution. This includes zealous representation at both the Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing and the criminal court proceedings. Everyone accused of DUI should have representation during these critical stages of the prosecution because, depending on the circumstances underlying the offense, a defendant faces both significant prison time and revocation of his or her driver's license for many months or years. You need to provide for yourself and your family. To do that, you need to drive. Mr. Wilson will do everything he can to help you get your life back to normal as soon as possible, and he will not hesitate to recommend taking a DUI prosecution to trial when the circumstances warrant.
Remember, defenses or defense motions may be waived if you do not act soon after the State files DUI charges against you. Therefore, you should call Mr. Wilson within a few days of your arrest for DUI! While there is still a great deal that he can do if you call later in the prosecution, you want Mr. Wilson in your corner from day one. Call him today.