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Michael Wilson has extensive experience in the field of appellate representation, having worked for both the Office of the State Appellate Defender in Chicago and The Honorable William C. Whitbeck, Chief Judge of the Michigan Court of Appeals.  During his time as an Assistant Appellate Defender, Mr. Wilson represented clients in all manner of felony appeals before both the Appellate Court and Supreme Court of Illinois.  Since arriving in Omaha in 2009, Mr. Wilson has obtained favorable results in several cases before the appellate courts of Nebraska.  He will bring all of this experience to bear in your civil or criminal appeal, and you will see the benefits of that experience as you review the work product generated on your behalf.
For attorneys, Michael Wilson will serve as co-counsel for appeal, providing high quality brief-writing and editing services.  Prior to the work experience detailed above, Mr. Wilson served as an editor of the Michigan State Law Review and later authored an article published by the Depaul Journal for Social Justice (see Publications link at left).  He takes pride in his written work product and will take all reasonable steps to ensure the satisfaction of both co-counsel and his client. 
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